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Tennis Terms & Conditions 2018

  1. Players will receive tuition in small groups with a coaching ratio of 1:4, however we reserve the right to change these ratio's due to unforeseen circumstances (such as coach illness or absence) or at the coaches discretion for the benefit of the players
  2. In the event of illness or enforced absence, ACTA may use cover coaches to deliver a class. All cover coaches will be of a suitable standard and hold up to date coaching qualifications.
  3. The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy is an outdoor program. Some classes may be able to take advantage of indoor court time at the National Tennis Centre (NTC) but the academy reserves the right to offer these courts to specific groups. In such cases, we will aim to try and give players opportunities to play indoors in extreme weather but this cannot be guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the coach.
  4. In the advent of bad weather affecting the outdoor facilities and deeming the courts unplayable, and no indoor courts being available to offer proper play, sessions may be cancelled. This will be communicated by email or SMS and cannot be predicted. The head coach will make every effort to use both common sense and communication to help with decisions relating to cancellations but any decision by a coach is final and must be respected.
  5. The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy will aim to provide make up sessions for specific classes cancelled or repeatedly affected by adverse weather conditions. This “make up” week will be offered at the end of term based on a schedule set out by the academy and notified to the parents in advance. If parents are unable to make these sessions then no further classes will be offered or credits issued.
  6. No refunds will be issued due to adverse weather conditions, illness or Injury, however, in exceptional circumstances decisions to offer refunds are made totally at the discretion of ACTA and on a individual case by case basis.
  7. Lessons missed for any personal reasons cannot be refunded, made up or transferred
  8. Having paid for a term of lessons, players can leave the programme part way through term but no refund will be provided.
  9. The fee for the term is payable in advance and this all-inclusive fee covers all charges.
  10. Once payment and confirmation for a class has been received, the academy reserves the right to move players to alternative classes due to other extra-curricular or personal circumstances. Changing classes during term is only possible if spaces in adjacent classes are available.

For any enquiries relating to these terms and conditions, please call the academy directly on 020 3170 8393 or email

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