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Choosing a Course

"Our key aim is that all our players enjoy their tennis, improve their understanding of the game and are inspired to keep playing tennis for many years to come."

Choosing the right course for your child is always the most important aspect of their tennis development. At the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, we make a special effort to ensure that players are grouped correctly together in order to maximize their progress.

In order to decide which course is best suited to your child’s standard of play, we have devised an easy plan to help guide you through the process, please read through the section below on the structure of our tennis programme.

1. Choosing the right age group

Within our Academy programme our classes are delivered as below:

Class NameAgeColour CodeBall Used Court SizeClass Categories
Mini Red 4-8 Red Red  Mini Court 3, 2, 1 
Mini Orange 8-10 Orange Orange  3/4 Court 3, 2, 1, *
Mini Green 9-11 Green Green  Full Court 3, 2, 1, *
Junior 11-18 Yellow Yellow  Full Court 3, 2, 1
Performance 11-18 Blue Yellow Full Court U12, U15, U18
Red Matchplay 4-8 Red Red Mini Court N/A
Orange Matchplay 8-10 Orange Orange 3/4 Court N/A
Green Matchplay 9-11 Green Green Full Court N/A
Junior Matchplay 11-18 Yellow Yellow Full Court N/A

2. Choose the right level of play

Class categories are used to describe the level of play required for each class. These are as follows:

Class CategoriesDescription of Standard
Level 3 Beginners/Improvers - players needing to focus on learning the basic skills for their age group. Aim is to try and rally consistently with a coach to 8-10 shots.
Level 2 Intermediate players who have a good feel for the game and can rally competently from the baseline of their required court space with another player in the class for 8-10 shots. Players that can serve and return consistently and are able to play in scoring situations with a good grasp of tactical situations.
Level 1 High level of skill in rally based situations and a good mastery of all of the key shots in the game. Higher level of tactical knowledge for their age including ability to add direction, pace and spin on the ball. Competent at playing by the correct rules and playing independently.
* & Performance

Players selected achieve a high level of play and have committed to competing regularly both internally and in outside events. Players must have mastered many of the technical and tactical skills for their age group and work at a high intensity with a good level of discipline. Required to have a LTA rating of appropriate level for the relevant group. Ideally they commit to playing more than once a week and join in our matchplay classes.


NOTE: Decisions on which level players will participate at is at the discretion of the ACTA coaching team.

If you have any further questions then please contact our team on 07769 574601 or email . Alternatively, you can make a booking request if you now know what course you are looking to join. 






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