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Performance Tennis

The performance section of the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy commit to at least 2 sessions a week either 2 midweek sessions or one midweek session and a matchplay session on a Saturday.

The groups are 4:1 player coach ratio and the squad sizes are small which means that each player is guaranteed the attention they deserve from the head of performance with regular communication, help and advice. 

Midweek sessions

The performance programme follows the same philosophy as the rest of the academy with a high volume of balls being hit and a focus on movement and repetition.  The sessions are slightly longer so there is also time for more open play.

Saturday matchplay sessions

These sessions are mainly tactical and give the players a chance to compete in a relaxed environment, gain tactical advice from the coaches whilst getting some matches towards their LTA rating.

Criteria for selection ages 6-8

A basic technical understanding of the game with good development of swing shapes.
The ability to rally and score independently of a coach
The desire to begin to compete internally and externally

Criteria for selection ages 8-10

Good technique with repetitive swing shapes and consistent topspin
Working towards improving their rating
A strong desire to compete both internally and externally

Criteria for selection ages 10-12

Good technique with a strong tactical understanding of the game 
A rating of 9.2 or higher
Competing externally on a regular basis

How to join the Performance programme

A trial session can be arranged with the Head of Performance or you will be invited to attend a trial if you have been put forward by your current coach.

Please contact the Head of Performance, Clint Harris, for more information - or call 020 8051 0510

Competition and Match Play Classes

"We want our players to be competitive and to learn how to compete with the right attitude. Tennis is a fantastic tool for children to learn such life skills as honesty, integrity and determination and all of this can be found in a tennis match." 

Complimenting our weekly tennis programme are a series of match play classes and tournaments that are aimed at giving players some invaluable competitive experience on the tennis court. Each match play class is supervised by a one of our tennis professionals who will co-ordinate a series of organised drills, offer match play advice and make sure that players understand what is needed to make the jump from hitting tennis balls into becoming a competitive player. 

Match play classes are encouraged for players aged 9 years and above at the academy (with special exceptions made higher rated  mini players who start younger). We have a range of match play classes throughout the weekend (Friday-Sunday) depending on a players age and level of play. Please read through the options and call the office if you have any further questions.

Yellow Ball Matchplay (Fridays 7pm-8.30pm)

Friday matchplay classes have been extended to offer chances for our players to work on their rating if they have missed out on playing mini tennis at a younger age. Typically, players following this pathway start at a 10.2 rating and struggle to make headway with this side of the game quickly. ACTA match play classes on a Friday can help solve that problem by giving some ratings matches to each player over the course of the term and also helping each player understand the areas that they need to improve on when they are playing in a game situation.

Matchplay Squads (Saturdays - times vary)

Saturday classes at the NTC are all aimed at our Performance Squad for higher level players looking to move their rating higher (and learn key matchplay features) and who have been invited to train by Annabel Croft Classes run for all age groups and players must have a BTM (British Tennis Membership) to participate.


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